Spiders are the most specious and successful arachnids on the planet. Though a common cause of phobias, they are essential to our ecosystems.

Does Oregon have Brown Recluse Spiders?

Does Oregon have Brown Recluse spiders?

Hello fellow spider enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, your interest in our eight-legged friends goes beyond casual curiosity. As a dedicated arachnid hobbyist, I often find myself answering a myriad of questions about these fascinating creatures. Something I was asked recently is, “Does Oregon have brown recluse spiders?” Whilst Oregon is an absolutely incredible …

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Are Jumping spiders communal?

Are Jumping Spiders communal?

As an avid hobbyist with a deep fascination for the world of arachnids, I’ve spent countless hours observing, researching, and documenting these intricate creatures. Today, I’d like to focus on a particularly charming and athletic group – jumping spiders. Many people have asked me this intriguing question: are jumping spiders communal? Let’s dive into the …

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Green jumping spider care

Green Jumping Spider Care: a guide to Lyssomanes viridis

The Green Jumping Spider (Lyssomanes viridis), also known as the Magnolia Green Jumping Spider, is an extremely beautiful species which has some noticeable differences when compared to other members of the Salticidae family. At only 5-8mm in length, it is a small spider. It also has longer, more slender-legs in proportion to its cephalothorax and …

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