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Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?

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They’re definitely one of the most commonly sold spiders, but are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets? My answer is a resounding yes! Keep reading to learn more…

Rose Hair Tarantulas are one of the best pet spiders available in the pet trade today. They make great pets because of their beauty and uncomplicated behavior. In addition to a generally docile temperament, these tarantulas also have easy care requirements. They do well in simple setups and a staple diet of crickets or similar bugs.

Even though these spiders are usually friendly, they do have some defense mechanisms that could do some harm. In this article, we’ll look at why Rose Hairs make great pets, with a particular focus on their lifespan, size, price, and setup.

If you’d like a full article on other aspects of their care, head over to my Rose Hair husbandry guide.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas Venomous?

Much like other spiders, Rose Hair Tarantulas are venomous, and venomous for a reason.

Since Rose Hair Tarantulas are small, they must make every effort to get a substantial meal- this is where the venom comes into play. The Tarantula’s lower fangs release poison when squeezed.

On their abdomen, they have itchy hairs that they will hurl if they feel threatened. Though their venom helps them only with their food and hunting, it is not that deadly for humans.

So all in all, rose-haired tarantulas are good pets because they are nearly harmless to humans.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?
Chilean Rose Tarantula – grey variety

How Long Do Rose Hair Tarantulas Live?

As compared to male Tarantulas, female tarantulas live longer when under the care of humans.

Research has shown that soon after mating, males lose their lives. Female Rose Hair Tarantulas can live up to 20 years, whereas males live for a maximum lifespan of 2-5 years.

A male Rose Hair will mate with any available females after reaching maturity at the age of three to five years. As a result of having to carry and raise the young spider, females, on the other hand, live far longer.

Rose Hair Tarantula for Sale

Well known for being the favorite pet spider, rose-haired tarantulas are very popular and easily available in pet shops as well as on online platforms.

These are some websites where you can check and buy your long desired pet.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?

Rose Hair Tarantula Price

As one of the most widely used spider pets, Rose Hair Tarantulas are sold at a lower price than females because their lifespan is shorter.

In many pet stores, male rose hairs are sold for as little as $20. This is inexpensive as compared to females, who are sold for $60.

Rose Hair Tarantula Size

Rose Hair Tarantulas are land-living, normal-sized mygalomorphs.

Female Rose Hair Tarantulas have an average leg length of 12–13 centimeters, or 5 inches. Male rose-haired tarantulas have an average leg length of 9–10 centimeters, or 3.5 inches. Males are smaller as compared to females.

Their actual size can only be determined after they reach their maximum age.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?
The molted skin from a Rose Hair tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula Tank Size

Being a pet spider with fairly low maintenance, Rose Hair Tarantulas don’t require too much space.

For this human-friendly pet spider, a 5–10 gallon tank size is appropriate. It is believed that tarantulas have tanks that are around three times their leg length and about a foot in height.

The size of the tank entirely depends on the size of the tarantula you have.

One should also include a hiding place made up of a hollow log in the environment where you are planning to keep your little one. The lid must have a secure side opening and ventilation.

If you wish to keep a tarantula in a shelter, you can use clay to create artificial flowers and leaves to make the shelter appear natural. This will help the spider get used to its new surroundings as quickly as possible.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?

Rose Hair Tarantula Bite

Rose Hair Tarantulas are human-friendly, and their venom is not that fatal to humans. Still, they too produce an amount of venom that is necessary for them to carry on with their hunting process.

But this doesn’t mean that a bite from this spider doesn’t affect humans. It may happen that the effects of its bite differ from person to person.

People may experience similar pain caused by a bee sting, but to date, there has been no such deadly event caused by a tarantula bite.

The affected area may be in pain with red swelling, which can be treated if it increases with proper medication. You can use soap and water to simply wash the area. Make sure to reach out to a doctor if any allergy occurs.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?

Rose Hair Tarantula Habitat Setup

It is necessary to gain all information about rose hair before choosing it as your pet, especially about its habitat setup.

You can keep a rose hair tarantula in any safe, ventilated enclosure. For an adult, a 5 or 10-gallon glass tank is good. At least three times the length of the tarantula’s leg span serves as a good benchmark for the minimum size required.

The optimal enclosure should allow for unfettered movement while still keeping it from being unduly exposed. Make sure the cage has a tight mesh top that prevents escape.

The ideal temperature range for rose hairs is 76–84 degrees Fahrenheit . Try to get it about 80 because that appears to be the sweet spot for most keepers. In a generalized sense, your tarantula will feel at ease if you do.

These tarantulas don’t require any lighting. They thrive when kept out of the sun and in the shadow or the dark.

On the end of the cage that is away from the hide house, there must always be a tiny, shallow water dish. Although levels inside the cage may vary since high humidity is not necessary for this species, at least 65% humidity is ideal.

In summary, all you need for your setup is:

  • substrate, such as coco fiber (like Eco Earth)
  • a glass or plastic enclosure, with at least a 5 gallon capacity
  • a very shallow water dish
  • such cork bark or similar decorations to make at least one secure hiding place

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas good pets?
Chilean rose tarantula

FAQ Relating to Are Rose Hair Tarantulas Good Pets

The most typical inquiries relating to Rose Hair Tarantulas are some of the ones listed below.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas Friendly?

Their low maintenance and ease of keeping contribute to their popularity as pets. In truth, most Rose Hair Tarantulas are friendly, but a few are wildly unpredictable. Some will try to bite, whilst others are happy to be held on a regular basis.

Personally, I haven’t let this put me off keeping them. I just prefer to buy fully grown ones, so that I can see their adult temperament. This is the best way to see what you’re getting into. If you find a calm adult, they are more than worth it.

However, keeping Rose Hair Tarantulas has a few drawbacks. Which are:

Costly to Purchase: Wild-caught Rose Hair Tarantulas were once among the least expensive pet tarantulas available. However, prices have significantly increased ever since Chile outlawed its export.

Slow Growth: Rose hairs grow very slowly. The process of a rose hair developing from a spiderling to an adult might take many years. Anyone buying anything other than a huge youngster may find this frustrating.

However, if you’re ready to set things aside, the rose hair can produce a amiable spider.

Some tarantula species, like the Maxican Red Knee and the Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula is advised as the “beginning species” of tarantulas. It is due to their simple care requirements and wide availability as a result of being imported and captive-bred.

Are Rose Hair Tarantulas Good for Beginners?

Despite conflicting opinions, Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammostola rosea/porterai) have long been regarded as a common tarantula for novices.

As more tarantula owners speak out and advise against them, this is changing. This species of tarantula has frequently been lauded for its docile demeanor and resilience, which make it a tempting option for folks trying to enter the tarantula hobby.

The Rose Hair Tarantulas was previously a common tarantula that could be purchased from anywhere and was often sold for a very low price at neighborhood pet shops.

The Rose Hair Tarantulas, however, can no longer be imported, which makes them considerably more difficult to find (and more expensive). That being said, this species is not advised for novices for a number of reasons.

One reason this tarantula is no longer recommended for beginners is that, despite their reputation for being docile, they can be highly moody, unpredictable, and temperamental.

Chilean Rose Tarantula care guide
Chilean Rose Tarantula – pink variety

What Is the Friendliest Pet Tarantula?

The Maxican Red Knee can be considered one of the most eye-catching tarantulas when it comes to petting them, due to its comparatively long life, docile behavior, and ease of keeping.

They’re easy to handle and calm in nature. They have legs that are almost 5 inches long and weigh almost 0.5 ounces. They have black bodies with brown fur and red-orange knees. They also don’t need socialization.

What Happens if a Rose Hair Tarantula Bites You?

Rose-haired tarantulas are very docile in nature. If disturbed when interacting with humans, tarantulas can bite. Their bites are as severe as bee stings or rose thorns.

Because the tarantula’s venom is very mild, reactions involving other parts of the body or allergies are uncommon. The area that has been bitten typically swells and turns red.

It’s unusual for a tarantula bite to cause allergic symptoms. But some people may experience adverse reactions to tarantula bites. It is similar to people having allergic reactions to bee stings (such as difficulty breathing or feeling ill).

A doctor will administer medication to a patient if they believe they have an allergic reaction to tarantula bites.

Now talking about self-precautions, in the event that you suspect a tarantula bite, you use soap and water to clean the bite.

Don’t bother or attempt to play with a tarantula if you come across one. If you leave the spiders alone, they will leave you alone. These spiders won’t bite you unless they feel threatened.

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