How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

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How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders? Though it’s hard to get a firm estimate, they are faster than larger spiders, and capable of quick bursts of speed…

Brown Recluse Spiders can move more quickly than heavier spiders that you might see in your garden, for example. They often run in spurts, stopping and starting to confuse predators. Generally speaking, they choose to run as fast as they can rather than bite. In fact, some will only ever bite if trapped.

Unlike many other bugs, these can survive in household spaces in drought like conditions without any food for a much longer time. They are resilient to winters and heat too so they can comfortably live in unheated spaces also. 

How fast do Brown Recluse Spiders move?

The brown recluse spiders move very fast and have great eyesight. More so when they are chasing a prey. They also tend to move faster while moving away from human touch and light sources.

They are hairless, fast moving spiders that are difficult to catch even with the vacuum cleaners. They can have color ranges from tan to dark brown with their legs uniformly red with no presence of stripes or bands.

You can identify the brown recluse spiders by noticing if they have dark brown upside-down violin shape on its light tan back. However, the younger spiders do not have the violin marking at their back.

They have a semi-circular arrangement of six eyes in three groups of two. This feature differentiates them from the other spiders having 8 eyes.

What time of the year are brown recluse most active?

The Brown recluse spiders keep most active for a complete 8 months in a year, from March to October. Brown Recluses in Texas and other southern areas are quite at home outdoors in caves, sheds and woodpiles.

So you might only see them in the fall if it gets cold outside and they try to come indoors to get somewhere warmer.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

What eats brown recluse spiders?

While Brown recluse spiders help regulate populations of the species that they feed on, some predator including other spiders, praying mantids, and blue jays feed on brown recluse spiders.

Sometimes cobweb spiders or cellar spiders prey on brown recluses because they have more complicated webs that are great for trapping other arachnids.

Are brown recluses common in houses?

Recluses usually live in the same environmental conditions as humans do. So this fact makes your house suitable for them to breed and thrive and you need proper planning to successfully control them.

You should carefully look for the possible infestation signs in your house as the recluse spiders hide in cracks and crevices during the day and are usually active during night.

The wooden surfaces of furniture and basements, attics and wall voids are the favorite places for brown recluse spiders. They can also be found in the voids of your fireplace and inside the stored goods too.

Unused beddings and clothes are also the potential infestation sites for the brown recluse spiders.

Wherever they exist they spread themselves as they are recluse and like to live in solitary. You will need to make use of more than a single method to control them. 

If you find a single infestation sign, call the pest control service you trust and get rid of the brown recluse spiders.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?
A male Brown recluse on the move. Note the two large pedipalps in front of its face

How big are Brown Recluse Spiders?

The brown recluse spiders can grow up to around 0.75-1 inch long at the most, which is small in comparison to the other spider species. The female recluse is usually larger than the male recluse.

Often, much bigger spiders are mistaken for Brown Recluses. If you see a much larger, stockier spider without a web it will often be a Wolf Spider. Likewise, if you see a really skinny spider hanging upside down in a web, it is more likely to be a Cellar Spider.

Brown Recluse bite

While Brown recluse spiders are not aggressive, they do bite people. They only bite you in their defense when you disturb their homes or come in direct contact with them .

Though there are a lot of recluse bite horror stories around us as a result of people’s exaggeration, these spiders do not intend to harm you.

The female brown recluse tend to venture only in the nearby areas of the infestation site. It is the male recluses that tend to travel to farther from their retreat.

Most cases are of male recluse bites, and the symptoms can be mild to dangerous depending on the amount of venom injected.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

Check your clothes and shoes

The previous incidents of brown recluse bites, tell us the rare bites occur when they get stuck between your skin, and clothing or bedding. This makes it evident that you are likely to get a bite only when you come in contact with them. 

Their bites typically result in redness and swelling around the bite area accompanied with burning sensation, but sometimes it can even lead to severe complications. 

One or two brown recluse spiders will not lead to any bite event. If there are dozens and hundreds of them, it could. It is best to avoid places which the spiders like the most such as the rock piles and wood piles. 

You can follow the ways given below to prevent any contact with the brown recluse spiders.

  • Make sure to always check your beddings before using them. 
  • Be cautious while opening any item stored in the basement or attic.
  • Avoid putting damp towels on the floor and be careful while picking it up.
  • Always shake your shoes before stepping into them, especially if you keep your shoes in stored boxes or the basement. 
  • Shake your clothes well if they were lying on any wooden surface or bedding before you put them on.
  • Always look before you sit anywhere, it’s best to see a recluse from a distance than to feel its bite.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?
Brown Recluse spider on the move

Can a Brown Recluse kill you?

Brown recluse spiders rarely kill anyone. However, when a brown recluse spider bites you, it can make you sick.

Brown recluse bite is generally unnoticeable at first and the redness or swelling appears after 1 hour at least. 

Instances of small doses result in negligible response and the bite can go unnoticed with no visible redness or blisters. In complex cases the healing may take around 6-8 months or more as the wounds heal from beneath.

Though the bite does not kill, an untreated infected wound can become life threatening for you. Similarly, if the quantity of venom injected during a bite is large then it can cause organ damage or even death.

So it’s best to get medical attention and a proper diagnosis of the situation you are in.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?
Chilean Recluse Spider (Loxosceles laeta), a south American species now introduced to the US

Symptoms vary

Some mild symptoms include pain, blister, swelling at the site and in surrounding muscles near the bite. The severe symptoms can be a rash, fever and vomiting, and may also be chills, restlessness, dizziness and difficulty in sleeping.

Some cases may need skin graft if the bite causes significant skin damage and an untreated wound could lead to an open sore, bruising and scarring. The doctor will decide whether to treat you with antibiotics, antihistamines or some pain medication. 

Though brown recluse bite does not always create a large wound, the venom does contain necrotic properties. In case the amount of venom injected is substantial, immediate medical treatment is the key to be safe. 

Severe necrosis occurs in less than 10 percent of the cases. Carelessness and ignorance towards getting medical treatment can lead to more serious outcomes and even death.

While there are no tests to identify brown recluse bite, the doctor can run some tests for skin infection depending on the result of the bite. Depending upon the condition around the bite area and severity of venom your doctor will decide to give you the most suitable treatment. 

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

Where do Brown Recluse Spiders live?

Brown Recluse spiders tend to predominantly live in the areas ranging from southeastern Nebraska to southwestern Ohio, south to northwestern Georgia and into Texas. They are rarely seen in other areas. 

Well, you may have seen or heard of them living in your state, but the population living outside the mentioned areas is not significant.

They are found indoors and outdoors in areas that are warm, dry and dark. While they are in hundreds in number, they may not be easily noticeable due to their nocturnal and reclusive habits.

Outdoors, they can be found under barks, and near rocks and wood piles. Indoors, they prefer the undisturbed areas such as structural gas, long stored items, unworn clothes and any wooden surface they can infest on.

How fast are Brown Recluse Spiders?

FAQ relating to How fast Brown Recluse Spiders are

Do brown recluse spider move fast?

Yes, the brown recluse spider moves fast. They run so fast that sometimes you cannot catch them with vacuum cleaners alone. People mostly prefer sticky traps as their initial go to option to catch them.

If you are concerned about Brown Recluses in your house, it’s always best to get a professional opinion, rather than try to deal with an infestation yourself.

Can brown recluses chase you?

The brown recluses like to be alone, so even if they see you accidentally they will rather run away from you than chase you.

However they do chase their prey for their nutritional needs as they do not create webs to catch prey. 

Are brown recluse spiders aggressive?

No, the brown recluse spiders are not aggressive and as their name suggests they tend to ignore humans. They’d rather spend their life peacefully enjoying the space behind a piece of furniture.

There has been a misunderstanding along with lots of misinformation about their nature. They like to spend their time in peace away from humans and only bite when provoked.

What kills brown recluse instantly?

Spraying an aerosol pesticide directly on them will kill brown recluse instantly. 

Their long legs prevent their body from coming in contact with pesticides or chemicals on the floor. It is more effective to use the spray on structural voids infested by them to make sure the chemicals come in contact with the brown recluses body. 

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