Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

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This site might focus on spiders for scientific interest, or as pets – but they have a big place in popular culture, too. So what is the meaning of spiders in dreams?

Spiders may seem to be just one of those creepy, crawly insects that give most people goosebumps and nightmares but dreaming about spiders can have deeper meanings spiritually. 

Spiders represent a mixed bag of emotions, in reality, spirituality, and psychology. These tiny creatures with eight legs mean positive energy in certain cultures while some others consider them bad omen. 

When you see spiders in your dreams, spiritually speaking, they can have different interpretations depending on how you see them. Was it a spider making a web, was it on your bed, was it crawling on you? Every dream has a different interpretation.

If you always thought spiders are terrible, monstrous creatures, read along to see, they are not always bad!

Dreams About Spiders Meaning

Spiders in your dreams may mean several things. Different cultures interpret spider dreams differently. Some of them are discussed here.

The fear of the unknown is natural and a spider in your dream may signify that. A spider’s web and the unknown are connected as the web is there but often so thin that it can be missed easily by the naked eye. 

 Dreaming of spiders may indicate that you’re afraid of something and your inner self is telling you to avoid it.  It may also represent the fact that there is a situation in front that’s going unseen. 

It may also be indicative of a suggestion to resolve unresolved emotions and memories which you are holding for a long time.

Spiders also symbolize effortless creation as the creatures spin their web beautifully without any trouble. A spider spinning a web in your dreams may spiritually mean you are being told to weave your own destiny. It could be an indiction to step into the realm of your own power and capture the opportunities in the offering. 

Along with creativity, in some cultures, spiders are representation of knowledge. Spiders often find their mention in folklore where these little creatures bear lessons of wisdom.

In some western cultures, dreaming of spiders indicates good fortune if you work hard to achieve your goal. A spider making a web in a dream signifies a happy home. Several spiders on the web signify good friends and health. 

To kill a spider may represent a quarrel with family and friends.

In Indian culture, a dream about a spider spinning a web in front of you may be an indication of good fortune coming your way. It is also a warning not to rush things and to wait patiently.

For someone who is starting a journey, dreaming about a spider making a web around him may indicate danger and is considered a bad omen. If the person can break the web and manage to escape, then luck shall be favorable. It is also a warning to be prepared for a struggle.

Being caught in a spider’s web also symbolizes the feeling of being trapped in a situation. It can be your job, family matters, debts, or anything that’s making you feel shackled and robbed of your freedom.

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Giant Spider Dream Meaning

Big and small, there are about 45,000 species of spiders. When it comes to the size of the spider in your dreams, it is not the most important thing. 

More than the size, the motion or how the spider acts in the dream is more significant when interpreting spiritually.

Visualizing certain kinds of spiders in your dream may be linked to different meanings though. Sometimes the colors of spiders are also associated with different meanings but the size, not so much.

Certain colors of spiders in a dream mean – 

  • Brown spider: Depression, anxiety, feminine energy, lack of self-worth
  • Gray spider: Disconnection from intuition, astral energy
  • Green spider: Growth, creativity, hypnotic trance
  • Golden/yellow spider: Confidence, self-power, disconnection from passion
  • Red spider: Domestic harmony, sense of belonging, illness, unhealthy relationship, financial stress 
  • White spider: Spiritual creativity, soul-aligned passion
  • White/ and black striped: Dualism, balance, a higher perspective, yin and yang

If you dreamt of a frightening, big spider it means that there are unresolved issues that you need to concentrate on. It is asking you to and seek answers from your inner self.

A big spider is also sometimes associated with a bigger, more complex conflict and may indicate that a female is making an effort to control your life.

Seeing a giant spider in your dreams may also point towards a fear of something in the real world. The creature in your dream may be the manifestation of emotional restlessness that is causing distress. 

Some people say, the size of the spider in your dream matters! The larger the size, the more your intuition wants you to notice things that matter and to do something about them.

Recurring dreams about giant spiders symbolize the urgency of closer attention to something unresolved. It could be a relationship, an attitude, your undiscovered potential, anything!

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Black Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming about black spiders can be positive as well as negative. It depends on the motions or the actions of the spider in your dreams. 

Some say dreaming about giant black spiders can be a positive sign as it indicates good luck, tranquility, maturity, power, spiritual energy, strength, and peace.

Again, sometimes black spiders are connected to sadness, shadow work, and death. Dreaming about black spiders may mean you are feeling lost, isolated, or lacking something.

It is then time for introspection to figure out the root cause of your feelings. Are you feeling stuck, neglected, or deprived? Approach your problems and seek advice if required. 

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Are Spiders Good Luck?

In many cultures around the world, spiders symbolize good luck and money. In Japan, spider webs are placed inside homes and the workplace to invite prosperity. 

In parts of South America, spider webs are sometimes used as a cure for certain illnesses. In Thailand, spider webs are considered a lucky symbol of love and marriage.

So, spiders are considered good luck in certain beliefs. It varies from place to place and often does not have any strong reason or logical explanation. 

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Killing Spider Dream Meaning

Did you see yourself killing a spider in your dream? It may mean you are calm when faced with difficult situations.

If there were several spiders in your dream, it may foretell multiple difficulties that may come your way. It can also be interpreted as a misfortune and hard times that may affect you heavily.

It is wise to take it as a warning. Carefully analyze your moves and future actions to avoid problems in your life.

Killing a spider may indicate that you are squashing a protective person or a thing that is guarding you against harm’s way. In that case, careful consideration and thinking will allow you to take corrective measures.

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Dreaming of Spiders Crawling on You

Creepy spiders walking toward you is certainly not a pleasant thought. Dreaming about it might indicate trouble or danger slowly approaching you. 

Such a dream may also indicate some missing information that may be helpful to you.

It can be considered a forewarning for troubles ahead. Be aware of your dangers and stay prepared to face them.  

Spiders crawling on you in your dreams may represent people intruding into your physical or energy boundaries. Their presence may be sending negative energy your way causing you to lose your peace of mind.

Instead of crawling, if the spider falls on you, you may want to seek advice from someone whom you find dependable.

Dreaming of Spiders in Bed

Dreams of spiders on the bed signify a violation of privacy or private space by other people. The feeling of helplessness when you see spiders on the bed is a subconscious feeling of helplessness. 

Other than people, your privacy can also be invaded by emotions, thoughts, or feelings.

Are Spiders a Good Omen?

Spiders are considered a good omen in certain cultures and a bad omen in some.

In ancient Rome, people wore spider amulets to invite fortune and be successful in business. Killing a spider meant inviting bad luck. 

Spiders and spider webs have been connected to wealth and good luck in several cultures. 

In Christianity, the goodwill of spiders says so much about these creatures. They symbolize protection. Remember the spider that spun its web on the cave entrance to protect the Christ child, Joseph, and Mary when Herod’s soldiers were looking for them?

Spiders also symbolize creativity and happiness in several parts of the world. They are believed to be bringers of good luck. A spider hanging from its web is considered to be luck in disguise, descending from above.

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FAQ Relating to Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

What Do Spiders in Dreams Symbolize?

Spiders in dreams may symbolize many things depending on their size, actions, numbers, and type. 

The most common interpretations of spiders in dreams are the fear of the unknown and deeper issues that need to be addressed quickly. 

Dreaming about spiders is also connected to good fortune and creativity. It at times indicates the necessity of cleaning up the cluttered emotions. 

Is dreaming of Spiders Good Luck?

In western cultures, dreaming of spiders is considered to invite good luck. A spider spinning web can be the foreteller of happiness in the household. 

However, there are several interpretations of spider-related dreams depending on the frequency and motions of the spiders.

In some cultures though, dreaming of spiders indicates bad luck, loneliness, and other negative feelings. 

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What Does a Spider Symbolize Spiritually?

Spiders find their place as mysterious, magical creatures in mythology.  

Spiritually spiders symbolize a lot of things. They are seen as representatives of confidence, self-worth, creativity, wisdom, growth, fears in life, and even death. A spider is a creator who lures its prey to the web and so it also stands for death.

The spider web also has deep spiritual meaning. It means tying together loose ends and creating a neat package of emotions and thoughts. 

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