Top 4 best pet jumping spiders

Where Do Jumping Spiders Live in the US?

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Where do jumping spiders live in the US? Generally, the largest and most brightly colored live in some of the southern states. Keep reading to find out more…

You may be wondering where jumping spiders live in the United States. Are they native to Florida or Texas? Read on to learn more about these amazing creatures. Whether you’re looking to learn about their habitat, or just want to see some for yourself, this article has the answer. In this article, you’ll learn where to find these spiders in the wild. At the same time, you can read up on the different species in the US.

Where are jumping spiders found in the US?

Jumping spiders are are an extremely successful group of arachnids, but where are they found in the US? If you haven’t seen one, you may be surprised to learn that they live almost everywhere! They tend to live around windows and doors, but will also hang out in crevices and under stones.

While jumping spiders prefer tropical climates (like most creatures), they will also hang out in colder areas. In fact, the British Museum of Natural History has found jumping spiders on Mount Everest! In the US, they are found in every single continental state.

The most common jumping spider species in the US are Bold Jumping Spiders, which live all year round in residential areas and outdoors in the south. They move indoors if you let them during colder weather, but are still common year-round residents in forests and parks.

The Southeast is also home to Phidippus mystaceus, a spectacular species with a distinctive orange-red body. This species has no common name, but it is worth looking out for.

Top 4 best pet jumping spiders
Bold Jumping Spider

Where can I find wild jumping spiders?

Despite their name, jumping spiders won’t make you jump! They are harmless species that can be found in many parts of the US. Although they have venom, JSs rarely bite humans. They typically only bite when they feel threatened or crushed. If you have an allergy to these spiders, however, their bites can cause swelling and redness for several days. So, where can I find these amazing creatures?

Well, all species like to hunt on flat surfaces or leaves where they can spot prey from afar and pounce. Walls of buildings and large, flat leaves (like those on banana trees) are usually the best places to look. Often, they prefer walls that are in full sun.

While there are many different species of jumping spiders, one of the most common is the bold jumping spider, which is about the size of a segment of a finger. More often than not, when you encounter one its on a fence or brick wall.

It has metallic green fangs and a white marking on the upper part of its abdomen. While the bold jumping spider is a common sight in North America, you can also look for its larger cousin, the regal jumping spider.

This species also spins a silk nest and lives in wooded areas. Another species that is common in the US is the tan jumping spider. This species lives under tree bark, and blends in well with its habitat. It is sometimes scooped up by enthusiasts who want to see a jumping spider in person.

Top 4 best pet jumping spiders
Regal Jumping Spider, male

Does Florida have jumping spiders?

If you’ve ever wondered if Florida has jumping spiders, then you’re not alone. The state is home to two species of jumping spiders that are regularly kept as pets: the gray wall jumper and the pantropical jumper. Both species are common and harmless.

The male pantropical jumper is six to 18 millimeters long, with a black and white stripe on its back. The female is about the same size, but has a white stripe on its back. These spider are great at killing mosquitos, but the bites are usually only minor to humans and won’t kill you.

There are many other species of jumping spider in Florida, due to its clement climate. Many of them are less common than the two we’ve mentioned though and can be hard to observe.

Where do jumping spiders live in the us?
Pantropical Jumping Spider

Does Texas have jumping spiders?

If you live in Texas, you have probably already seen jumping spiders in your backyard or on the walls of your house. Although these arachnids are completely harmless to humans, many people find them quite scary and prefer not to have them in their home.

Fortunately, jumping spiders are not dangerous, but they do try to get inside as much as they can when the weather gets cool. In fact, they are one of the most common spiders found in Texas – both indoors and out!

One Texas native, the Tan Jumping Spider, is now one of the most popular pet jumping spiders. They are small, friendly and low-maintenance. You can read more about these spiders as pets here.

Top 4 best pet jumping spiders
The Tan Jumping Spider – a easy captive

Can I keep a jumping spider as a pet?

If you are looking for a more affordable exotic pet, you can consider a jumping spider. Jumping spiders can live in a homemade house, and are quite easy to raise. You can also find them in the wild, where you can catch them live food at the same time.

If you are a beginner, starting out with a Tan, Regal or Bold Jumper might be a good choice. These species are regularly available and very popular, meaning that its easier to find information on keeping them.

While a jumping spider does not need to be handled, you can occasionally take it out to play. They are friendly and will only bite if you squeeze them, which obviously would be a weird thing to do!

In general, they survive for about one to three years. During this time some people speculate that they can recognize their owners, and enjoy observing us as much as we enjoy observing them.

Reasons jumping spiders make good pets include:

  • they’re small and cheap to house
  • they’re cheap to feed
  • most of them are friendly
  • they don’t get as big as tarantulas
  • most of the time they don’t need any special heating equipment

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