What is the lifespan of a Brazilian Black Tarantula?

Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets?

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Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets? They are indeed, and not just because they’re one of the most docile species of all. Let’s find out more…

Brazilian Black Tarantulas are an amazing species to everyone who keeps them as pets. In fact, they’re probably one of the most docile tarantula species so far discovered. In this article, we’ll look at how their enclosure requirements, size, cost and lifespan make them a great choice for both beginners and experts.

This species of tarantula is also known as the Grammostola pulchra. These spiders are highly docile and calm. They are a native of South American countries like Brazil and Uruguay, but people elsewhere also breed them in captivity.

These spiders rarely show any signs of anger and hence they are highly preferred to be kept as spider pets.

Brazilian Black Tarantula bite

Almost all spiders can bite and do bite. But there is more to understand in the context of the black tarantulas.

The Brazilian tarantulas do have fangs and venom, but they prefer to use them only when they feel threatened and want to protect themselves.

That means, they use these fangs only to protect themselves from some external danger. Also, if you think that you can get as much friendly as you want with these spiders, then please be warned.

No spider can be extremely friendly to you. Even if you find them jolly and friendly, they will retaliate if you cause them trouble.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you go extra easy on these spiders because they will surely defend themselves, even if they have to bite you.

To learn more about these spiders, watch the video below.

Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets?
Large female Brazilian Black Tarantula

Do pet tarantulas recognize their owners?

In some research, it is claimed that spiders may have feelings. But, please do not be mistaken! These feelings are nowhere close to the feelings of a dog or a cat or any other pet animal you may have.

Brazilian spiders will not bond with you the way dogs and pets do. It may even be possible that these spiders do not recognize you as well. 

However, your spider story could be a story of mutual friendship. This means you keep the spider as a pet, fulfilling your pet parent’s dreams. For the spider, it could mean good care and timely food.

Are Brazilian black tarantulas good for beginners?

Spiders cannot be trusted with loyalty. The Brazilian spiders are quite slow-moving spiders. They do not often show any signs of anger or aggression.

This means they are somewhat calm and docile and this makes them good pet options for the ones wanting to buy their first pet spiders. However, even though they may be good for beginners, it is important that you handle them well and take good care of them. 

To learn everything you’ll need to know about their, I suggest checking out our article on Brazilian Black Tarantula husbandry.

Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets?

Brazilian Black Tarantula terrarium

The Brazilian spiders need a good and clean terrarium for living. They usually need an enclosure that is nearly three times the span of their legs. These spiders are terrestrial organisms.

If their enclosure is made too high, they may fall and break their legs. When they are kept in captivity, it is imperative that you provide them with an arid and fresh environment.

Also, these tarantulas are native to the grasslands in Brazil and Uruguay and therefore have a body type that thrives well in the breezy environment.

So, it is important that you study well the requirements for your pet Brazilian spider.

Brazilian Black Tarantula tank size

Every species need space to grow and thrive. If you are keeping spiders in captivity, then you must be ready to take some extra care of them.

The Brazilian spiders can grow in full size to nearly a length of eight inches. These spiders, thus, need an area of 3 inches around their bodies, for easy movements.

Spider pet parents must also ensure that they do not build very high tank enclosures such that their spider may fall down. Falling down from heights can directly result in the breaking of spider legs or even death in some cases.

Their tanks should be cleaned regularly and any insects given to them for food should be removed from the tank within 24 hours.

Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets?
Brazilian Black Tarantula next to its burrow

Brazilian Black Tarantula cost

We are aware that the Brazilian tarantulas are native to Southern America, with Brazil and Uruguay being the primary home countries.

Since these spiders are not very easily and readily available, their costs may increase significantly. These black tarantulas cost nearly $120 to $150 on average.

These costs are sometimes inclusive of the import costs, and other costs that may be applicable in different countries. 

Brazilian Black Tarantula size

Brazilian tarantulas are one the most cute looking calm spiders. These characteristics really attract people to them and some may even want to keep them as pets right away.

These Brazilian tarantulas are pitch black in color which also adds a lot to their mysterious character. These spiders grow to an average size of 7 to 8 inches when they are completely grown.

Thus, we can say that these black spiders are quite medium-sized and pretty stout.

Are Brazilian Black Tarantulas good pets?
Brazilian Black Tarantula on cork bark. This material is great for creating hiding places

Brazilian Black Tarantula growth rate

The Brazilian spiders grow very slowly. Their slow pace often makes them difficult to track and notice their growth rate. The spiderlings get snatched up by the breeders and spider enthusiasts.

These black spiders grow in full size to a length of 7 to 8 inches on average. These spiders need almost 8 years to grow fully and reach maturity.

One important thing to note is that these black spiders love burrowing a lot. Thus, we may miss seeing them grow if they are simply burrowing somewhere.

Therefore, it makes it difficult to track down their growth rate throughout the years. 


If you think that all Brazilian tarantulas have a uniform lifespan irrespective of their gender, then you may be wrong. The male black tarantulas’ average lifespan is around 6 to 8 years.

The female spiders, on the other hand, may live for more years – to nearly two decades, i.e., for around 20 years. Therefore, male spiders have a shorter lifespan than their female spider counterparts.

However, both male and female Brazilian spiders need around 7 to 8 years to completely grow up and reach maturity. 

FAQ relating to whether Brazilian Black Tarantulas are good pets

The cute looking and pitch black Brazilian tarantulas are amazing species of spiders that one should know about. If you are a potential pet parent who is considering buying a Brazilian tarantula, then this article must have been really helpful to you.

It is important to gather enough information about the spider pets, especially when they are imported from some faraway grasslands. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Brazilian black spiders. Read them and get your doubts cleared.

Brazilian Black Tarantula care and faqs

Are Brazilian black tarantulas friendly?

The Brazilian spiders are quite well-mannered, calm, docile, and soft in temperament. These characteristics may often define them as friendly. However, you must handle them with utmost care and see if they do not fall, because they may break their legs or injure themselves in such cases.

They do not really show signs of anger or aggression and this makes them quite favorable to be kept as pet spiders. However, if they sense any fear or attack from external sources, they may retaliate and may even bite you to defend themselves.

What is the friendliest pet tarantula?

While most of us think that spiders are very scary and dangerous to keep as pets, this may not be true in the case of all spiders. Below mentioned are some of the friendliest pet tarantulas.

  • Brazilian Black
  • Mexican Red-Knee
  • Pink Toe
  • Chilean Rose
  • Costa Rican Zebra
  • Mexican Redleg
  • Honduran Curly Hair
  • Pink Zebra Beauty

Are Brazilian black tarantula poisonous?

Brazilian black spiders do possess venom or poison. However, they are not aggressive or always looking to bite you. These spiders may bite you only when they sense any fear, attack, or threat to themselves.

Their bite may be similar to that of a bee sting. So, if you are allergic to bee stings, then you take extra care while handling these Brazilian spiders. In general, the black spiders are poisonous but they rarely attack you, unless needed to defend themselves.

Do Brazilian black tarantulas kick hairs?

As stated many times above, Brazilian tarantulas are very friendly and calm spiders. They do not have any anger or hidden aggression in them.

However, these tarantulas may bite you to defend themselves in case they feel threatened. In such situations, the black tarantulas kick their hair to retaliate.

These hairs may get into your eyes or may even cause an allergy to your skin. Therefore, it is better advised that proper care is taken while handling these Brazilian spiders.

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